Sunday, July 31, 2005


This blog will live for exactly 8 months. It will be terminated on the 31st March 2006. Because I will be returning to Singapore on the following day. At least that is the plan. It might be earlier but it won't be later. I don't see this blog having any chance of survival once I step back on Singapore soil. There will be so many things yelling for my attention when I get back home, this blog will simply plummet to a distant last in my list of priorities. My family, especially my little niece, my pals, finishing those exams, a new job, amongst others. So 長痛不如短痛, might as well kill it off then.

I had given it a lot of thought before deciding to start this blog. It is not my perogative to attract a whole league of readers. That's too heavy a responsibility. But it is my wish to attract at least one reader whom I do not know. There're a lot of things on my mind recently but my two closest friends are not available and will not be so for many months to come (more about this later). So this blog will be my alternative outlet of sorts. Knowing a stranger has actually read this will bring me much comfort. Any marginal utility from additional readers will be small, if any at all.

This blog is also something to tide me over. To help me get to 31st March in one sane piece (more about this later too). Machiam ROD right? (I still much prefer the acronym ROD to the newer ORD; Amongst friends, we joke that it is certainly the date where we Run Out from there but whether we are Operationally Ready or not at that point in time is another question altogether. *Grin*) Anyway, 243 days to go.

You have to pity this blog even at this early stage. 難產,生下來后又被人利用 (probably the first known case of blog exploitation) ,壽命又已被別人決定而且只是短暫的八個月。

Some ground rules:

i) All names will be changed to protect the innocent.

ii) All events described are real.

iii) There will probably be no pictures (believe it or not, I've never owned a camera in my life).

iv) No guarantees of frequent updates; it depends on my workload.

v) Be prepared for some Chinese characters from time to time (I like the Chinese language; There is a certain 親切感 to it. Unfortunately, like the typical chinese Singaporean, my chinese is "bua taang sai" one, decent at hanyu pinyin only, so chinese characters will only turn up occasionally.).

Akan Datang: Why two of my closest pals will not be available for some time

243 days to go.


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