Monday, August 01, 2005


I know winter is here when:

i) My baths last a longer time.

ii) Washing my hands becomes a trickier affair.

iii) I drink more hot tea. Scalding hot.

iv) And hot Ribena (yeah, I know it sounds real weird, but I only started this habit after coming over to Sydney).

v) Spreading Nutella on bread becomes a tedious and potentially messy exercise.

vi) Peanut butter also, but to a smaller extent.

vii) My toes start to swell a little and get a little painful (One week after returning to Singapore, they will be ok again. I have no idea why. My landlord says I am too tall liao, blood circulation problem.)

viii) My lips start cracking, especially the left corner. Don't know why the right corner escapes unscathed.

ix) Getting out of bed becomes tougher.

x) My room door remains closed for most of the day (it is usually open). I not dao, just cold.

xi) I eat more (but don't gain weight leh *Sigh*).

xii) And I have difficulty deciding whether to put on my beenie or not (messy and fuzzy hair vs cold head).

xiii) I get to go home for the short winter break. Yay. But it is over liao. Damn.

Akan Datang: My niece

Still 242 days to go.


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