Sunday, October 23, 2005


I seldom love movies because they had touched me. Not because I don't like feeling emotional. Rather, it is just that very few movies touch me that deeply.

But the one I caught last night, "Ardor" or "密愛", did. I was almost ready to make the decision to get its DVD when the blot of an ending put paid to that idea. Nonetheless, it is still the best Korean movie I've watched thus far. By the proverbial country mile. I was just so mesmerised by the acting (ok, and I admit, the beauty) of the female lead, 김 윤진 (Kim Yoon Jin). The movie has earned a spot in my list of honourable mentions.

once professed her lack of faith in marriage to me. I kept getting reminded of that conversation (ok, and I admit, of her) as the movie progressed.

"I don't have faith in marriage. So what if I do get married eventually. He will probably cheat on me. Heck, most, if not all men cheat."

I was really tempted to ask her why she plans to get married then, but I held my tongue.

I was also tempted to ask her why she seems so cynical and doubtful about marriage, especially of her own impending (keyword) marriage, but I held my tongue.

I was even more tempted to ask her if what she has just said has so blatantly contradicted her act of getting married (soon), but I held my tongue.

159 days to go.


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