Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Housemates nos. 17 and 18

Jim has finally found a couple to take the double room. It had been such a long search for tenants this time round that I've been alone in the apartment for almost a month now. By the time they move in this Friday, it would be exactly 4 weeks since my last housemate moved out. I have to admit that although it initially felt strange to be alone in the apartment, I got used to it very quickly. Indeed, I find myself enjoying this luxury after a while.

The new tenants are a couple from Hong Kong. They're here to study aviation (as in pilotage) and aviation management. I didn't even know my uni had such a course. :P

So they'll be my housemates nos. 16 and 17? No. To be real exact, they'll be nos. 17 and 18. Jim's wife's nephew had come down for a short visit during these four weeks and Jim had put him in the empty room.

I hope this couple from Hong Kong will be staying for a long time. Like I said, the chopping and changing of housemates can get a little tiring for me.

164 days to go.


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