Sunday, February 12, 2006

Encore performance with detailed description

慧 did an encore performance of the calling up routine last week. She had gotten bored after her afternoon nap and started pestering grandma that she wanted to talk to me. Grandma offered the following solution,

“慧慧打電話給mee mee,叫mee mee e-mail gu gu打電話給慧慧,好不好?”


So she dialled mee mee's office number as 慧 eagerly awaited for mee mee to take the call. Once the call was connected, 慧 started to blabber excitedly,

“Mee mee, mee mee!慧慧要跟gu gu説話!”

Followed by silence and an uneasy look from 慧. Grandma took over the receiver to check if mee mee had gotten the message.

*Girlish giggle* It was mee mee's colleague.

“Auntie, Jacqueline (my sister's English name) 不在。等她囘來我叫她打給你。”

Eventually, the message did get through to mee mee and I received that
mobilisation e-mail again.

I was later told that immediately after getting through to mee mee, 慧 pulled her little stool over and sat beside the phone, waiting for my call. She got impatient once or twice and complained to grandma,

“Ma ma!為甚麽gu gu還沒有打電話囘來?!”

Well, she was lucky this time, as she was last time, that I was at home and available. The first thing she said when I eventually called was

“Gu gu!慧慧很想念你!”

No doubt this was taught by grandma, but I still felt my heart melting away in a hurry.

47 days to go.

P.S. 希望大家過個羅曼蒂克的元宵。


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