Thursday, March 02, 2006

Explaining death

Shortly after Chinese New Year, 慧 suddenly asked mee mee some death-related questions,

“Ma ma的pa pa和mee mee在哪裏?” (Translation: Where is grandma's dad and mum?)

“Ma ma的pa pa就是lao gong。Ma ma的mee mee死了。” (Translation: Grandma's dad is "lao gong". Grandma's mum has passed away. Note: We had introduced my maternal grandfather, her great-grandfather, to her as "lao gong" during the Chinese New Year visiting.)

“Ma ma爲甚麽還沒有死?” (Translation: Why hasn't grandma passed away?)

A pause.

“Ma ma還很健康,所以就還沒有死囖。” (Translation: Grandma is still very healthy, that's why she hasn't passed away yet.)

A few days later, at my place, 慧 comes upon ma ma's diamond ring and plays with it for a while.

“Ma ma,妳死了后diamond給我。” (Translation: Grandma, after you've passed away, can I have this diamond?)

Grandma actually said yes in between loud guffaws.

43 days to go.


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