Saturday, February 25, 2006

The secret is out

The cat is out of the bag. Now my sis, and we heavily suspect my bro-in-law too, know about our secret visits to 育國. It came about because of the cold my niece caught late last week. My mum had then brought her to 育國 on both Monday and Tuesday to 推拿.

It was actually a combination of both 慧 and my sister's suspicion that brought about it. On Sunday evening, just after returning to our home, 慧 suddenly ran to the gate and asked,


It was so sudden, both her parents didn't catch her exact words. We had also never heard the words "華人醫生" from her before.

Then on Tuesday morning, my sis had called up to discover them missing in the morning for the second consecutive day. That raised her suspicion. My mum finally admitted to it in an afternoon phone call.

Suffice to say the much-feared backlash turned out to be pretty mild. I suppose they had seen how healthy 慧 had been over the years and connected it to the 推拿. *Phew*

48 days to go.


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