Thursday, August 18, 2005

Best jobs in America

This morning, I brought along my Actuary magazine to read whilst waiting for my haircut (can wait up to one hour one... Australia!). Two articles caught my attention:

i) List of jobs ranked best in America. It includes actuary (me! me! though I am still, strictly speaking, an actuarial student since I haven't completed my professional exams yet), website manager (my sister), software engineer (my bro-in-law!). :P Oh, and they didn't measure "best" just by salary. It includes, I quote from the website, "income, stress, physical demands, outlook, security and work environment".

ii) AIG's (AIA in Singapore, yup the life insurer) credit rating with S&P gana downgraded again! Recently just downgraded from AAA to AA+. Now only AA. Ouch.

Still 225 days to go.


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