Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Mum's misadventures on the MRT

This happened just last Friday.

My mum had to attend a wake on Thursday night, so 慧 had to go back to my sis's home one day early. The wake was at the other end of Singapore, resulting in my mum getting home rather late that night. Then she had to make sure she got to my sis's home early on Friday morning for the "handing/taking over" of 慧. I suppose she didn't get too much sleep that night. By Friday evening, when my bro-in-law and sis got home to relieve my mum, she must've been pretty tired out.

Her MRT trip home (from Yew Tee to Clementi) usually takes around 20 minutes, inclusive of waiting time. But it ended up lasting more than an hour. And it wasn't because she fell asleep! Here's why.

From Yew Tee, she got on the train bound for Jurong East correctly. Upon reaching Jurong East, she somehow absentmindedly got off the train on the wrong side to wait for the train bound for Boon Lay. Funny thing is whilst waiting for the train, it did not occur to her the scenary looked different from the other side that we're used to seeing.

The train came and she duly boarded. Only upon reaching Chinese Garden (luckily not Boon Lay) did she realise her mistake. So she hurriedly got off to track back to Jurong East. Now here's where things got really interesting. After reaching Jurong East for the second time, she GOT OFF the train to walk to the opposite platform, i.e. the centre platform, which is for the train bound for Yew Tee. And she boarded that train without suspecting something wrong AGAIN.

Fortunately, it also only took her one station (Bukit Batok) to realise her second mistake. She alighted there and did her second track back of the night. By the time she got back to Jurong East for the THIRD time, she was super alert. She made absolutely sure she got off the train on the correct side for the east-bound train and got home without further incident.

At the end of the story, I asked her,"媽,你這麽困啊?"





227 days to go.


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