Monday, August 15, 2005

Those birthday pics

I've forgotten to post 慧's birthday pics. So here they are: As expected, she was totally engrossed in the Pingu figurines my sis gave her and ignored basically everything else. Speaking of which, I've been informed that Pingu is now showing on Kidscentral. Hopped over to the Todayonline website to check and indeed it is so! 1:45p.m. every weekday. But for only 15 minutes. More entertainment for her!
That's her birthday cake. We asked her what kind of cake she wanted. "要。。。要鴨鴨的!" So 鴨鴨的 it was. Ducks (of any species), Pingu, and Pooh Bear (in descending order of preference) are her current 偶像s.

Still 228 days to go.


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