Friday, August 05, 2005

When will it be my turn?

An interruption to normal service.

One of my coursemates has just dropped out from the course. We sent her to the airport yesterday evening and I believe she is still flying somewhere now. At the beginning of the year, there was the five of us. Then one, a Ukrainian, graduated. Today, my Egyptian coursemate has dropped out and left for home. Last heard, my Hong Kong coursemate could (keyword) be dropping out too. So there is a chance there'll be just the two of us left. Me and a Brazilian. Duh.

I'm starting to feel a wee bit cold... And the winter is not helping things.

My first, and eventually it turned out to be the only, feeling about her going home is one of envy. When will it be my turn, I keep asking myself. She laughed when I told her that.

I make it a point to go home during the winter and summer breaks. So that's twice a year. Other than the very first flight over (I told myself to keep an open mind then), there is always this nagging and growing feeling of "I don't belong there.". "There" being Sydney. However, for the last two times when I was boarding the returning flight, I've been getting an additional feeling.

And that is the "I belong here." feeling. "Here" being Singapore.

Tanya's "Where I Belong" comes to mind. Whenever someone asks me now if I will be returning home after the completion of the course (assuming I do complete it), my reply is a very swift and definite yes.

PM Lee will be glad to hear that. Heh.

I know indirect self-praise is no praise. But you get my point.

End of interruption. I return you to normal service tomorrow.

238 days to go.


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