Monday, September 12, 2005

Kite festival

Yesterday, I went to Sydney's annual kite festival. I didn't know that Sydney had such a festival until Dan and Stef rang me yesterday morning! Given it will be my last September here, it would have been my last chance to catch it. So it was fortunate that Dan and Stef asked me if I was interested. Of course I was. Dan's car developed a leak in the morning, so we took public transport to the beach.

It certainly was crowded at Bondi Beach with kites going up everywhere. But Bondi Beach was large enough to accommodate the crowds that came. Part of the beach was cordoned off for the experts to put up their specially designed and very exquisite kites. We chose to sit on the sloping lawns leading up to the beach. This was where all the amateurs were flying their kites. Kids running everywhere trying their hand at kite flying. Sea gulls roaming the beach and slopes. Small tents selling kites and such, a little similar to our pasar malams. Occasionally, huge colourful kites, e.g. centipedes, fishes, go up from the experts' pit. And all this time, a timely sea breeze welcoming the kites into the skies with open arms.

Incidentally, I read somewhere that Bondi Beach is one of the top ten beaches of the world. I actually prefer Bronte and Coogee Beaches to Bondi.

After a while, my thoughts ran to my niece, 慧, who was very into kites for some time. That should be around a year ago. The pic you see above is from then. My sister and bro-in-law had brought her to the newly opened West Coast Park and there was some kite flying going on then. That pic shows how totally enthralled she was upon seeing kites for the first time. She would be even more thrilled had she been here to see the kites I've seen yesterday.

*Sigh* Wish you were here to see the kites with gu gu, 慧.

I have no pics yet to post here. They're still in Dan's digital camera. Will post once they e-mail them to me. In the meantime, enjoy these (from past festivals).

200 days to go.


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