Friday, November 18, 2005


All of us have different ways of responding to 慧's calls. And she has picked up the differences, turning it around and back at us in the form of a game.

"Ma ma 說甚麽?"

"Ma ma... "oooi!""

"Mee mee 說甚麽?"

"Mee mee... "yes?! yes?!""

"Pa pa leh? Pa pa 說甚麽?"

"Pa pa... "zho nee?"" (my bro-in-law is Teochew)

"Gu gu leh? Gu gu 說甚麽?"

"Gu gu... "做甚麽?""

"Gong gong 說甚麽?"

"Gong gong..." A short pause. "Gong gong 沒有!" (my dad usually respond by action only)

133 days to go.


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