Thursday, November 10, 2005


As alluded to in an earlier post, 慧 is going through a phase of naughtiness. So much so that a new word has recently been added to her ever expanding vocabulary. Not sure if this word is Hokkien, some other dialect, Malay or Singlish though.

Upon returning to my place last Sunday evening, 慧 scampers to the kitchen to greet my mum.

"Ma maaa!"

“Oooi! 慧慧回來了啊?!慧慧回家有沒有坏坏?”


“有沒有 "lud"?”


“"Lud" 哪裏?”

“"Lud" 屁股。”

Actually, I listened to this story with rather mixed feelings. It's a little comical on one hand but yet quite painful if I exercise my imagination a little.

If I were the one in their (as in my sister, bro-in-law and my mum) position, I most definitely wouldn't have the heart to "use the rod" on her. But after hearing the tales of her naughtiness, I realise this is a crucial age in drawing the line and teaching her discipline. My mum keeps telling me of her dilemma when faced with the problem of whether to use this last resort of a discipline measure or not.

I hope 慧's naughtiness phase passes quickly.

141 days to go.


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