Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year thrice over

It's strange observing the countdown to the New Year thrice. But that is what I'm doing now.

Just reached home from the annual fireworks at the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge. The countdown is certainly a big event over here. The entire place was packed to the rafters, so much so that the security had to turn away people as early as 10p.m. I was to spend most of the evening with the waft of cigarette smoke and alcohol in my nostrils. Yes, it seemed as if everyone was smoking and drinking.

The interesting bit is that there were actually two counting downs and firework performances. One at 9p.m., apparently to cater for the children, and another at 12a.m.

It was real comical observing the countdown, watching 10 minutes worth of fireworks and then seeing entire families stream out of the grounds for home. All at the early hour of 9p.m. Then the big guns moved in, i.e. the heavy smokers and drinkers. They were here for the 12a.m. fireworks.

The second set of er... "adult" performances at 12a.m. was longer and fireworks more spectacular. I could even smell the gunpowder after it was over!

Switched on the radio immediately upon coming back to my apartment. UFM100.3 of course. They're doing a special programme to usher in the New Year. Because of the time difference, it is still 31st December in Singapore. So here we go again...

A little over 90 days to go.


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