Monday, December 26, 2005

Christmas Eve at Darling Harbour

Sources said that there will be a performance at Darling Harbour on Christmas Eve. It was suspected to continue past midnight into Christmas Day itself.

Sources also said the performance begins at 8:30p.m., so reaching there at 10p.m. should be ok.

That same source excitedly informed us there will be more fireworks to see. Hopefully lasting half an hour or more.

Sounded like a very attractive proposition to us. So we placed wholehearted trust on our source, leaving for the harbour at around 8:30p.m. and reaching there at close to 10p.m. (bus ride, slow walk plus a few detours along the way).

Well, the performance did begin at 8:30p.m. but it ended at the early hour of 10:15p.m. So we only managed to catch maybe 20 minutes of it. We later found out it was scheduled to end at 10p.m., so we were erm... a little lucky?

There was fireworks alright, but it began before we found a proper place to sit down. And it was all over in 2 minutes. We have had recent practice with whipping out the cameras quickly. That practice was put to good use here.
Then everyone got up and left! The fireworks was the finale to the performance. Not unexpectedly so.

Our source looked at us sorrily. We all had a hearty laugh over it, then decided to take a stroll around
Darling Harbour. We've never seen it at night before. Darling Harbour at night reminds me a lot of the Esplanade area. I enjoy going to the Esplanade area a lot, especially Merlion Park. It has been a long 5 months since I last enjoyed the sea breeze of Singapore...

There was of course the obligatory Christmas tree at Darling Harbour too. That attracted our source to it like bees to honey. So we ended up taking pictures of it.

Lots of it.
On the way home, we passed by this pub which certainly didn't make any pretence of what it is. What's more, it subtly tells passer-bys to ignore the going-ons inside.
95 days to go.

P.S. Source = Stef


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