Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I've gotten quite comfortable with my work progress here. Comfortable enough to have sent word out to my ex-classmates, ex-colleagues and friends from my line of work about my imminent return.

Mmm hmm, I have taken that first step to looking for a job. A return to the actuarial industry, to the working world...

My plus points:

i) I have relevant work experience.

ii) I have programming skills (something often not taught in school for our course but yet quite valued in my line of work).

iii) I have a lot of exam passes under my belt. A very important thing in the actuarial line.

iv) I know quite a few people in the line. This is probably my biggest plus point since the actuarial field is rather small in Singapore. Almost everyone knows everyone else. Which makes it tough for fresh graduates just coming in and looking for that first job. But not for a journeyman like me. *Phew*

My minus points:

i) My actuarial exam passes is not commensurate with my work experience; It is heavily skewed towards my exam passes. To get around this, friends have advised me to leave the expected pay out of my resume. Wilco.

ii) I hope they don't find me too old. Reading all those reports on companies preferring younger people does worry me. This is probably a small worry as I am not THAT old yet, but it is still a worry.

I do not deny experiencing mixed feelings about returning to work. I'm hoping that viewing it as part of going home will make it easier for me to re-adjust my emotional and mental states to it.

44 days to go.


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