Friday, August 12, 2005


I make myself comfortable underneath the canopy of a largish tree in the park. My knapsack is next to me. Leaning against the trunk and stretching my legs at the same time, I dig out an apple and start munching on it.

Strains of Valen Hsu from my discman floats into my ears, caressing them so. I try not to munch too hard on the apple lest I disturb the beautiful notes and voice too much. It starts to get intoxicating and instinctively, I close my eyes.

Days like this do not come often, do they?

A flutter of wings. My eyes open and I see a pair of birds descend down on a patch no further than a few arms’ length from me. The larger one of them skips protectively around the smaller. The parent, I suppose. I look around to see if the other parent is around. Not so.

The little one starts getting curious and skips a few baby steps towards me, tail twitching around all the time. Her parent immediately intercedes, probably fearing for her safety, by placing herself between myself and her little one. The little one stops and starts gazing quizzedly at me, her beady eyes fixated upon me.

I do not move, and just return her gaze with mine. The parent begins ushering her little one away from me. Still, the little one stares at me. She seems to be beckoning me to follow her. I do not want to frighten her with any sudden movements, so I respond by shaking my head gently. Finally, she breaks the long-held look, turns and takes off with a quick flutter. My eyes follow her receding silhouette.

Upon ensuring the safety of her little one, the parent now turns to look at me as well. But the change in body language is very noticeable. She is no longer on her guard. Her wings droop a little as she too looks at me quizzedly. Just as her offspring did a moment or two ago. Sensing some sadness and longing in her, I manage my best smile and again shake my head slightly.

She gives me a few hearty chirps. Slowly, I move my hands to remove my earplugs to listen to her oratory. No, I can’t yet, so I shake my head gently again. Finally, she comprehends my intentions, turns and flies away to join her child.

I will be back home soon, but for now, I have to stay.

Akan Datang: I just dug out something else I wrote on my niece. Will post that tomorrow.

231 days to go.


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