Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Happy 3rd and 40th Birthday

Because today is such a special day, I will put off posting that story on Australian ambulances until tomorrow.

Today is Singapore's 40th Birthday. This should be the first year I am experiencing a stronger feeling for the place I call home. Nonetheless, if I were home now, I still won't be watching the NDP. Instead, there will be something else I will definitely be doing if I were back home now.

Celebrating my niece, 慧's 3rd birthday! Yes, she's a National Day baby! I've missed all her birthday celebrations thus far, having flown here a couple of months before she turned one. *Sigh* Here is a pic of her first birthday:She's actually a little close to tears in this pic. I suppose she is not too used to all the attention. Here's a pic from her 2nd birthday celebrations:
She's lapping up all the attention in this one. I was told everyone was singing the birthday song when this pic was taken. A bit the 沾沾自喜 look, right? Oh, and that crash helmet hairstyle is courtesy of my mum. 慧 didn't really like hairdressers touching her scalp until recently. So up until a few months ago, my mum did that crash helmet hairstyle for her.

I'll probably have to wait a couple of days before I get pics of her latest birthday celebrations. Watch this space! In the meantime, Happy Birthday to all Singaporean readers and to 慧. Hope you will like the birthday present gu gu prepared for you before flying back. *Grin*

234 days to go.


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