Monday, August 08, 2005

Experiment and a little tweak

I did an experiment this morning.

My old alarm clock had conked out recently so I bought a new one in Singapore (cheaper mah!) during my June break. I made sure it was one of those with the bluish lighting function and can give temperature readings. I've always been curious how cold it gets in my room during winter.

It has been two weeks since I've been back. The first week had been rather cold. Room temperature in the morning is usually in the 17-18 range. After I switch on the laptop, it becomes 19-20 after a while. Heh, my laptop has a secondary function, i.e. heater!

These couple of days, it seemed to have gotten even colder. It's been saying 16 in recent mornings. I got curious about the temperature difference underneath the blankets and the room, so I hid the clock under my blanket and stayed put for about 15 minutes (another reason to 賴床). It stabilised at 26. A difference of 10 degrees!

No wonder winter mornings are so tough for me.

Yesterday afternoon, I went yum cha with two Shanghainese pals, Dan (not the same one as that mentioned here) and his wife, Stef. Arrived at 11:10a.m. and still had to wait for 50 minutes. Popular siah... We agreed unanimously we're in the wrong line of work.

After that, I visited their apartment. They had just gotten married at the end of last year (in Shanghai not Sydney). Was shown their wedding DVD. Halfway through it, I realised I was watching what a typical Singaporean wedding (between two Singaporean chinese) would be like. Just add the 炮竹, minus the Singlish. The wedding car deco, the collective bargaining at the bride's door, the wedding dinner,... all very similar to Singaporean weddings. Kindda surprised at this. Perhaps I expected to see a more er... traditional setting?

I think my perception of China needs further tweaking (despite having many China chinese pals).

235 days to go.


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