Thursday, September 15, 2005


Pens... check.

Mechanical pencil (I currently only use the Papermate Silhouette mechanical pencil. It is no longer in production. I found it on Ebay and bought a few at one go so that they might last me a decade or so! I used to use the Papermate Pacer Cassette but that is also no longer in production and not available anywhere.)... check.
Eraser... check.

Liquid Paper (yeah, I very old fashioned one, still using liquid paper)... check.

Calculator... (doubt I will need it for a communications paper but what the heck...) check.

Exam entry pass... check.

Water bottle... check.

Mints... check.

Bus ticket (Travel Ten)... check.

Planning of itinery... done.

Map to exam hall... check.

Red underwear... (just kidding!)

OK, all set. Let's go!

197 days to go.


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