Tuesday, September 13, 2005


Got a little lazy last night and watched some TV. My TV is almost never switched on, so last night was a rarity. I ended up watching a little "live" cricket that happened to be on...

I discovered I was watching the last day of a 5-day match. My word, play 5 days and that is only ONE match! Then I discovered they play 5 matches; It is actually a series of 5 matches. That's a grand total of 25 days of play! Siao, right? I happened to be watching the last day of the last match. Then I found out it was called the Ashes series (weird name... why not Dust?). They also called it a test series (the commentator gave some poor explanation of why it was called a test, so why not examination leh?). After recalling what my landlord explained to me quite some time ago, and following what the commentators said, I sort of caught on with the scoring.

There was this poor British chap who got bowled out on the very first ball he faced after just coming on. Meaning, he got "kicked out" from the game by the Australian bowler. One moment he was walking slowly onto the field, then warming up, limbering and stretching. Then the Aussie bowler came up and bowled. The next moment, the English player was out and walking slowly OFF the field. I found the whole episode rather amusing, especially since 20-30,000 of his own statesmen was packing the stadium to the rafters and watching him.

I guess I still much prefer the cut and thrust of football (hands not allowed type). It's all over in 90 minutes, not 25 days. Oh and by the way, England won the Ashes series 2-1 (two matches ended in draws), their first victory in 18 years.

199 days to go. (Yay, broke 200 mark liao)


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