Wednesday, October 12, 2005

To delete or not to delete, that is the question

About a month into this blog, I started wondering about what to do with it when its eight months' life is up. And I'm still wondering.

Should I delete away the contents? Should I just un-publish them and store them somewhere for my own perusal later (for old times' sake)? Should I just let it be and, to use an old military term, let it "rot on the vine"?

Indeed, even the thought of continuing has flashed across my mind. Nonetheless, I'm still almost completely sure this blog will not have the life to carry on after the eight months are up. It'll probably die an even uglier death if I chose to continue. I foresee its life ebbing slowly away as I have to make greater and greater efforts in maintaining it. And after thinking about Cantona the other day, all the more the original decision seems correct. So...

Decision 1: this blog will still end in eight months' time. Once I get home that is.

Which brings me to my next decision. Lately, the possibility of having to (keywords) extend my stay here has arisen. Depending on perspective, it can be read as good or bad news. With respect to this blog, it means that its life will probably get to, or rather, HAVE to be extended a little. Sometimes, when I am over here, I feel I need my blog more than it needs me. So...

Decision 2: remaining lifetime of this blog will be extended if my stay here is *Big Sigh* lengthened.

So we come to the last question. What to do with the contents leh? *Shrug*

Decision 3: still pending...

Akan Datang: Australia in the World Cup?

170 days to go.


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