Monday, October 10, 2005

Dazed by Xbox

The previous weekend, Dan started talking about getting a Xbox console. Now, I am very suah ku one. I've heard of the term "Xbox" but didn't really know what it is. That is until Dan explained it to me. He seemed quite serious about the idea, though he added that he needed to discuss this with 老婆大人, Stef, first.

On Thursday, I bumped into Stef in school. Lo and behold, they've gotten themselves the Xbox!




So I got invited to their place on Saturday for a little gaming. They had gotten themselves two games as part of the package with the Xbox console. One was a tennis game, and the other was a first person shooting game, Halo. The latter is apparently quite a popular game though I've never heard of it. I did say I very suah ku one. *Grin*

So Dan and I got started on Halo with him leading me around this cavernous military base killing aliens. After a while, it reminded me of the first-generation first-person perspective shooting PC game, Wolfenstein 3D, which was quite a blockbuster in the early 90s and set the precedence for the first-person perspective shooting genre. I had played Wolfenstein briefly then but my interest in it wasn't sustained.

I was to be reminded of why a short while into trying out Halo.

I started feeling giddy! I could feel my labyrinth juices swirling in all directions with all that turning around. I had to give up on Halo before my dinner gave up on me. Too bad for Dan.

Then we got started on the tennis game which was less exacting on my sense of balance. This game turned out to be rather fun, especially when we tried out playing doubles. Now we're thinking of investing in two more controllers so that four of us (including another friend from Shanghai) can all play at the same time in a doubles match against one another. That should be a riot!

172 days to go.


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