Sunday, October 02, 2005

I am rich

According to my niece, I am quite a rich guy. This happened just two days ago:

"Aeroplane! Aeroplane! Horrrr… horrrr… (with accompanying hand motions)" so exclaimed my excited niece after seeing a plane on TV.

"慧慧要坐aeroplane!" she continued.

"慧慧有沒有錢坐aeroplane?" enquired my mum.


"慧慧沒有錢怎麽坐aeroplane leh?"

A short pause...

"Gu gu有錢! Gu gu有錢坐aeroplane!"

Actually, come to think of it, I AM rich. *Big Grin*

180 days to go.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL...your niece is SOOOO ADORABLE.

really enjoy reading stories of your niece. like your style of writing. keep it up. ^-^


Wed Oct 05, 10:43:00 pm 2005  
Blogger Acey Deucey said...

Thanks for dropping by too, gingle_ale.

These days, since I am in Sydney now, the stories I write about my niece come from my mum (phone) or my sister (e-mail).

Yes, she is very adorable. I miss her immensely whenever I am here.

Thu Oct 06, 06:14:00 am 2005  

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