Wednesday, September 28, 2005


Scene 1: In my room (Singapore, not here) at around 10p.m., enter my mum and niece



“這樣Ma Ma先睡,慧慧不要吵啊。”

That's actually my mum's ploy to get my niece to sleep, since it is already nearing her bedtime.

My niece turns around to play her Pingu toys. After a while, she gets bored. Part 1 of mum's ploy kicks into action!

“Ma Ma!Ma Ma!”

“Ma Ma睡覺,可不可以不要吵啊?”

My niece goes back to her toys instead of wanting to join my mum in sleeping. So unfortunately for my mum, part 2 of her ploy falls apart.

Scene 2: Still in my room at around 11p.m., my mum is dozing and my niece begins to feel sleepy

“Ma Ma!Ma Ma!慧慧要睡覺!”

“OK!xu xu 然後睡覺” as my mum feels relief from the long wait finally ending.

Lights out and my mum starts mumbling and complaining a little.


“Ma Ma!慧慧睡覺,可不可以不要吵啊?”

184 days to go.


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