Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Lady of steel

I really have to hand it to .

It has been over three months since Le Tissier's diagnosis and treatment. How 秋 copes with taking care of Le Tissier, her own job (she went back to work recently), her own family etc. is beyond me. We've been told that with each round of treatment, the side effects will get more and more severe. And indeed, it is so. His morale has really hit rock bottom. He is generally too fatigued to do anything. Not TV, not reading, not gaming and not much music. Worst still, it is hard for him to get sleep. Time must seem excruciatingly slow for him!

Recently, he has caught a cold and had a persistent fever. Now that is potentially tricky for it might prolong his treatment or even worse, cause infection since his defences are down. That he stays at a dengue hotspot did not help calm nerves. Somehow, 秋 managed to convince him (not an easy thing!) to go to the hospital to have everything checked out just to be sure. Thankfully, it is not dengue, just a normal cold. The main worry now is it will disturb his treatment schedule.

In the midst of all this, 秋 got hit by his flu bug too, pre-empted it by seeing a GP very early on, went back to work and tried to be around Le Tissier as much as possible during her free time. Round 5 of treatment is scheduled for next Friday. A couple of days before that, he will have a scan to observe the size of the tumour. All of us, especially him, are sweating over it. All of us know he is sweating over it in his mind. But none of us dares to even breathe a word about it in his presence.

I really really hate to say this. But hearing all this makes me feel better about my lonely battle to get back to Singapore in one piece.

177 days to go.


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