Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Programming blues and a power nap

頭重重, a little numb, backache, can't think straight, low morale and most of all, utter frustration. My computer program simply refuses to give me decent results. Lots of hair-wrenching, eye-rubbing and head-banging (against the nearest available wall) later, I still seem to be at square one. And it is not like time is on my side. Aaugh!

I seldom nap. If I do, it means I want to sleep away a very foul mood, I'm ill, or I'm dog-tired. I've been climbing into bed at 2a.m. for the past week or so and staying awake, staring at the ceiling (pondering over my program) for at least one hour before managing to doze off. However, my body clock still forces me to wake up at the usual time everyday.

I'm getting too old for this kind of schedule. Felt like a zombie today.

After a short debate with myself in the early afternoon, I decided upon a nap. Forty winks later, I'm back.

A short aside. I used to work/study in an office with lots of Chinese (as in China Chinese). It was quite a culture shock for me initially to find the office dead quiet during the lunch hour. Everyone was taking a power nap! I always had to remind myself then to walk lightly and whisper if I had to talk to anyone.

#@^*~($`%! program, here I come. Again.

Still 121 $^#!~&@ days to go.


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