Saturday, November 26, 2005

Yes, 6 all out!

Le Tissier and 秋's long wait is finally over. I cannot imagine how nervy the past week must have been for them. And as 秋's e-mail severely understated title says, it is "good news". Although I knew what was coming once I saw the title, I cannot completely fathom her continued politically correct or at best cautiously optimistic way of phrasing the news. The only hint of how she and indeed he and his family felt was via a short statement slipped in somewhere saying

"we are all just relieved that a phase of the treatment is over.."

No caps. No exclamation marks. And certainly very little beyond the bare facts. Perhaps as she said, they're all plain relieved and too tired out emotionally to feel too much happiness. In a similar way, when the news of his illness first came out, the initial feeling wasn't one of sadness but a don't-know-what-to-feel feeling. I think that was shock. And perhaps what they're feeling now is something like a reverse shock. All the pent-up fear is suddenly released and nothing is coming in to replace it yet.

But for now, all these doesn't matter. I'm just blabbering off the cuff because of my own excitement about his impending and certain recovery. I know we'll all have something real BIG to celebrate cometh next April when I go back home for good. For now, I will have to make do with a phone call to 秋 later today to share in the joy.

Heh, I've forgotten to give the facts first before launching into the meat of this post. The six rounds of treatment have been highly successful. They will now have to wait for a month before moving onto the final stage of treatment lasting 5 weeks. After that, it will just be just regular check-ups for a certain period of time (I think 6 months or was it 3 years) to make sure everything is ok.

Knowing Le Tissier, his thoughts will most certainly now turn even more to the possibility of relapse. Actually, he would most certainly have been thinking about this ever since the first round of treatment commenced. Knowing 秋, she will be able to read his thoughts. Knowing myself, I will be talking to her about how to keep his mind off that, if that is possible at all.

We're all in the home straight now, guys!

125 days to go.


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