Monday, November 28, 2005

Tricycle outgrown

A recent pic of 慧 sent by my sis was accompanied with a comment that she seems to be outgrowing her tricycle. Her legs are starting to bend beyond 90 degrees to fit on the pedals now.

I had bought 慧 the tricycle in March 2003, just before flying over to Sydney for the first time. It was an early birthday gift (very early in fact, because
she is a National Day baby if you might recall) from me.

After reading my sis's comments, I decided to dig out old pics of 慧 riding the tricycle for comparison.
This one was taken when 慧 was around one and a half. You might also recall I've posted this picture before. It's one of my favourite pics of her, so oh well...

She definitely struggled to place her feet on the pedals then, so we left the leg rests there for her and pushed the tricycle from behind.
This was taken just after she turned two. By then, her feet could rest quite comfortably on the pedals. But she still didn't have the leg power to move the tricycle on her own. We still had to push her from behind. At least she could feel the circular motion of the pedals then. And the leg rests have been pushed back as it is used less and less.

Going back to the first pic, you would notice the leg rests have been removed completely. I've also been told that 慧 is starting to find the leg power to move the tricycle on her own. At the present moment, she can go straight on her own power. Steering should be next on the "to learn" list.

As my sister had succinctly phrased it,

"How time flies!"

To which I replied,

"Indeed. I'll get her a new and bigger tricycle when I return home for good."

123 days to go.


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