Monday, November 21, 2005

Too much Top Spin

You know you've played too much Xbox tennis (proper name is Top Spin), when whilst watching the Masters Cup final between Roger Federer and David Nalbandian, the following happens...

... Nalbandian at the net and he volleys. It's not a very good one, allowing Federer to get to the ball and I yell

“打 "
Y" 啊!”.

... Federer tries a low percentage backhand crosscourt shot that goes astray and Dan makes the comment

“估計他打 "
risk shot" 失敗了。”,

to which I reply


... Nalbandian hits another of his spectacularly angled service returns and Stef goes

“Wah... 這個人的
special skill 一定是 "angle"!”

and I reply after some thought

“可能還有 "
return serve" 呢!”.

Or maybe you should just look at the
manual. *Grin*

Having said the above, I hasten to add the
final was one of the longest (over 4.5 hours) and most entertaining tennis matches I've ever seen, see-sawing all the way till the end of the fifth set.

Oh, and Stef lost two ice-cream cones to Dan. He had offered to take the underdog in return for a 2 for 1 odds that Stef confidently accepted. Watching their ongoing bantering and taunting of each other was just about as entertaining as the tennis match itself.

130 days to go.


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