Saturday, January 21, 2006

Arrowed again

We live in dangerous times indeed. 我又中暗箭了。But this one not as painful.

i) I am ambidextrous. At least I think so. Examples, write with my right but eat with my left, carry haversack on my left shoulder but stronger arm is my right, racket games on my left (e.g. table tennis and badminton) but contact ball games on my right (e.g. bowling, football and basketball).

ii) Speaking of which, I can score a basket from the halfway line.

iii) I can't cycle, despite having tried learning it a few times.

iv) I know how to twirl a pen around my thumb. Very fast. And I enjoy doing it. I remember how we used to compete with one another in class during my secondary school years. The class record was something like 120 per minute, i.e. clockwise then counterclockwise around the right thumb (assuming right-hander) twice per second. I could do about 110 per minute then.

v) I've been a 廳長, i.e. sleeping in the living room, for most of my life. As such, I've also been sleeping on a mattress, as opposed to a bed, for most of my life. Sydney represents the first concentrated period of time in my life that I have my own room and bed. But I don't mind (I mean the 廳長 bit) . In fact, I am VERY much looking forward to becoming a 廳長 again.

I don't know five other bloggers to tag, so the buck ends with me. If I get bad luck out of this, then I know who to blame. :P

69 days to go.


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