Tuesday, January 17, 2006


As you might recall, the male half of my housemates went home to Hong Kong some time back, leaving the female half behind. You might also recall the female half had planned then to move to a friend's place but was delayed by a day or two. Well, during that day or two, we had a few chats. Amongst the things she told me, she announced that she was going to start knitting a sweater for her boy during his three week absence.

That didn't really register in my mind until a couple of days back.

I was in the living room watching my usual foreign movie one night. Suddenly, she walked out of their room with a largish plastic bag, pulled out a chair and small table alongside me and plopped down. I thought she was interested in the movie too but no. I hadn't noticed what was in the bag until she started pulling things out from it. It turned out to be wool and a pair of knitting needles. She started knitting in earnest whilst looking up from time to time to take in a few pictures from the TV. Just enough to get the drift, I suppose.

That sight was quite funny (to me) initially. For a short while, I just couldn't concentrate on the movie. Why? Because she suddenly appeared very motherly! And keeping in mind that she is just a teenager at 19, almost a zodiac cycle younger than me, these two images just clashed so totally with each other in my mind. I suppressed my smiles lest she noticed and thought I was some siao gia (translation: siao gia = crazy guy).

What a sweet couple.

73 days to go.


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