Saturday, January 14, 2006

Big mouth III

I had told my sister recently that I had enough flyer miles to get a free return ticket to Hong Kong. And given that I really dread travelling, I was prepared to let her have it for free, should she want it. That set the wheels in motion and within one day, she came back with a grand plan of bringing her family over to the newly opened Disneyland next month.

Upon which my brother-in-law (HC) demonstrated that he also has a
big mouth:

"Once HC told 慧 that we are bringing her to Disneyland, she can't stop imagining about it. She drew the aeroplane and said I sit in front while she sits with HC.

We also showed her the Disneyland website pictures and wow, she keeps asking us how come have not buy plane tickets. Very gien. (translation: gien = desperately eager)"
Now I'm hoping nothing goes wrong and they can get the air tickets for the dates they want. If not, someone will be sorely disappointed.

76 days to go.


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