Saturday, January 07, 2006

Long walks

I took a real long walk to a neighbouring suburb for dinner this evening. All 25 minutes worth. That makes it 50 minutes there and back.

I used to do this quite often. That was way back in 2003 and 2004. Last year being the busy year that it was, I had to cut down on these leisurely walks-cum-dinner drastically. Until in the final few months of the year when it stopped altogether. With
work taking on a decidedly positive outlook recently, I thought I could afford the time today for that longish walk.

Along the way there, I popped by office to check out my mailbox. Not too surprisingly, my Brazilian colleague was there. Working his socks off on a Saturday. My job deadline is fixed at the end of March, hence my recent haste but his is even closer. It is the end of this month. He divulged to me how big a fight he has to put up with himself everyday just to keep on going. I reassured him that he is not alone in that experience. Other colleagues and myself go through the same thing too. To which he said

"Thanks Acey, I feel much better already."

It was a pleasant day today, not
overly hot and no rain. I was to be alone in being alone again at the restaurant. But I didn't mind; I'm used to it already.

Still 83 days to go.


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