Thursday, January 05, 2006


If you've read most, if not all, of my previous posts, you might have guessed that I am a guy who would want children of my own. Preferably many of them. Then again, having just read the previous statements, you'd have realised you have guessed wrongly.

Indeed, Jim did just that recently. He mentioned that I must wish I have children of my own and was rather taken aback when I replied to the negative.

No, it is not because I dislike children. I suppose that is pretty obvious from roughly half of the contents of this blog. It is for other reasons that thoroughly overwhelm this sole reason that is for the proposition. Here are the reasons, in roughly decreasing order of importance:

One, I'm pessimistic about where our world is heading towards. As well as humankind. I do not want to be responsible for bringing another person into this world to witness this, experience this or *Gasp* even partake in this mayhem.

Two, I'd love my Significant Other (should I ever find her) too much to want her to go through the pain of bearing our child. Yes, I know it sounds mushy, but I came to this conclusion after observing a few friends and relatives go through the pregnancy process. Especially my elder sister.

Three, I won't have the time (key word) to be a good parent. Actually, I feel I will make a pretty decent dad. However, given the time pressures of worklife in Singapore, I would be missing out on most of the significant events in my child's life. Even more importantly, his/her everyday life. I am not one to satisfice.

Four, my niece. I've witnessed and experienced the joys of having a baby grow up in my place. I was a full-time uncle for much of 慧's baby days. That has compensated to a great extent for the letdown of not having my own children. In other words, I've already experienced that happiness once, I shan't be too greedy and ask for more.

Five, I haven't found the Significant Other yet. And as I age, I've been getting more and more passive about this.

Six, sex. Or lack of, when the Significant Other is nearing delivery and for the recuperation period after. :P

No, I am not lying. Sex is really last on this list. Really lah!

85 days to go.


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