Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Braced and ready

Last night, I said my goodbyes to Dan and Stef. They're returning to Shanghai for the Chinese New Year break. For a while, it seemed as if the entire student population has left Sydney, bar the three of us. From today onwards, it's going to feel as if I'm the only student left in 4 million strong Sydney.

It's always interesting to observe my own reactions, in this case how I had reacted to such a "negative" event. I realise I'm already fully mentally prepared and ready to go ("go" as in working and spending the next 6-7 weeks mostly alone). In the end, the goodbyes felt like a formality; The "sucky" bit had already occurred a month or so back when i) I realised I cannot afford the time to go back even for a short break and ii) my friends announced to me one by one their departure dates.

It was also funny to observe how both of them had tried to suppress their enthusiasm of their impending flight home. Heh, if I were in their place, I wouldn't bother hiding my joy. You bet I will be grinning my teeth off cometh end of March. Nonetheless, I appreciated their thought and consideration.

The evening ended with an obligatory game of
Xbox tennis. Dan and I are getting really adept at it, especially as doubles partners. 無敵是寂寞的。

So long, my friends. Have a safe trip and see you guys at the end of February. Worry not, I will keep an eye on your car.

86 dog days to go.


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