Tuesday, January 24, 2006

New fan

I've been watching a whole lot of tennis lately. Australian Open of course. One free-to-air channel has been totally devoted to showing it. I believe the coverage is like 12-14 hours every day, stopping only for the news and such. And for some odd reason, I kept catching the matches that Martina Hingis happened to be involved in.

Now I've not watched tennis for a long long time. I know who she was but I didn't know she had retired a few years back due to some chronic back injury. At the ripe old age of 22. I also didn't know she had just made a comeback and this is her first major event. All these, I found out from the commentators' bantering.

Anyway, what was initially just pure stoning in front of TV, became mild interest, became moderate curiosity, and finally intrigue. So much so I checked the playing schedule yesterday and made sure I caught her 4th round match. She has found a new fan in me.

She did win the 4th round match to make it into the quarters where she'll meet her first real test of the tournament thus far, Kim Clijsters. I'm now hoping she can go all the way and win the Open.

66 days to go.

P.S. OK, so she has a sweet smile.


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