Sunday, January 15, 2006

The plan

In a bid to distract myself, I've come up with the plan. The timeline for the remaining life of this blog. Actually, it has been on my mind for some time, but I'm rubberstamping it today.

I had planned all along to e-mail my blog address to a couple of friends and I've just come up with the final list. And I've also decided on WHEN to mail it to them. The selected Singaporean friends will get this earlier whilst the selected Australian pals will get it on the day I leave.

So here's the plan:

i) From now till end of March, look for gifts for Dan, Stef and Jim (see (iv) and (v) below).

ii) 1st March, e-mail my blog address to Ah Gee, Le Tissier and 秋. I suppose a month is more than enough to browse through the blog. In time to welcome me back and be up to date. *Big Grin*

iii) 28th March, actuarial exam.

iv) Final Thursday before I leave, 30th March 13th April (edit: date changed on 18th February), pass intended gift to Jim. The idea of what to get for him just hit me a week back and I'm in process of procuring it. Hopefully, I can find it and get it in time. I am not one to satisfice, so if I can't get it, then there will be no substitute. And oh, the little matters of handing in my final work report, return keys, say goodbye to staff etc... will fall on this day too.

v) Final Friday before I leave, 31st March 14th April (edit: date changed on 18th February), pass intended gifts to Dan and Stef. I'm only in the process of deciding what to get for them. Again, not one to satisfice. If I can't think of anything good enough, then there will be nothing.

vi) 1st April 15th April (edit: date changed on 18th February), the day I leave. In the morning, e-mail my blog address to Jim, Dan and Stef. Post my goodbye post which I've just gotten a start on (thought of the title).

Still 75 days to go.


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