Saturday, February 18, 2006



I pressed for a clear and proper answer.

I got one.

I would only accept an explanation that showed it was an extraordinary situation and needed my sacrifice.

I got it.

I wasn't really looking for apologies.

But I got many.

After thinking about it with him for a while, there really wasn't any other way out. I certainly can't go home in the intervening months. And there has to be an extension to my date of return. Probably two weeks.

I felt exactly like 關羽 after he had set 曹操 free at 華容道, as I walked out from his office. Go read
Chapter 50 of 三國演義 : 諸葛亮智算華容,關雲長義釋曹操 if you don't know what I am talking about. I'm too pissed off to say anymore.

Now where's that bloody key for the engine when I most need it?! Have to restart it. Again.

Countdown reset: 41+14=55 days to go. And even this is still pretty tentative. 如何洩我心中憤怒!


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