Sunday, January 01, 2006


Today (and it isn't over yet!) is turning out to be the second hottest day EVER in Sydney. So said the news.

The highest recorded temperature today was 45.2 degrees. And it missed being the hottest ever by just a mere 0.1 degrees. The hottest ever day on record was way way back in 1939.

As I type this, bushfires have broken out in North Sydney and the firemen are having a real difficult time dealing with them. The pictures on TV showed a smoke so thick, you can hardly make out the human forms that are the firemen. That there is a gale blowing in the affected areas are not helping things.

I waited until the latest possible time before stepping out for my dinner. It is an unusual sensation walking in a temperature appreciably higher than your body temperature. The first thing I noticed was actually a sting in my nostrils. A little similar to that when trying to breathe in very cold temperatures. Then I noticed whatever perspiration I've worked up whilst being indoors evaporated within a minute or two. The air is that dry now.

The streets were understandably deserted. Everyone is sheltering from the heat. Only a siao gia like me would take a protracted excursion away from the apartment.

Now I've really seen everything that Sydney has to offer.

89 days and one scorching evening to go.

P.S. I typed this whilst only in my underwear.


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