Sunday, January 01, 2006

Speaking in code

My niece's linguistics skills have developed to such an extent that my mum has to speak to my dad in code at times when they have something "important" to say to each other.

慧 had just recovered from a little illness. Ma ma is taking no chances and restricting her intake of heaty food. After a sumptious dinner that included 慧's favourite, 努蛋 (she was given one), there was another leftover. So my dad was summoned to be the underwriter:

“Ooi!老的(that'll be my dad),桌子上那個orh orh的幫我吃掉。” (direction translation: orh orh = black black, i.e. the 燸蛋)

I can't wait for the next code change.

89 days to go.

P.S. A happy new year to all. Finally the year I've been waiting for is here. Homecoming year.


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