Friday, March 03, 2006

Disneyland, Hong Kong

獨家!獨家!The much awaited and anticipated pics of my niece in Disneyland, Hong Kong: On the plane with earphones on. Note Mr. Beanie Duck at the bottom left hand corner of the pic. He made it to Hong Kong afterall. *Grin* Note also the spare tyre in the background. It belongs to my bro-in-law. :P
Hamming it up at the hotel lobby with a Mickey Mouse statue. Mr. Beanie Duck makes another appearance.
At the Mickey Mouse theme restaurant.
And of course, that promised pic (to gu gu) with "Bear Bear" and "Ti Ti".

I was told that on the morning of their return to Singapore, when informed about it, she laid on the hotel bed and sighed,


42 days to go.


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