Sunday, March 05, 2006

Income taxes done

I've just gotten my income taxes done. The Singaporean one. For the past few years, I've been playing the early bird. Simply because everything is so easy for me to fill in. Zero, zero, zero, zero, ok submit.

Then in a few months' time, I will receive some rebates for my stocks' dividends, since I fall below the taxable threshold (currently S$20,000). HA HA HA...

But from next year onwards, I will be a 好公民 and pay my share of income taxes. Assuming I find a job.

Hey wait!

If I start work in the middle of this year, or even later, my income might just fall below the taxable threshold again for the year of 2006. OK, then I be 好公民 only in 2007. HA HA HA...

40 days to go.


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