Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Shutting down

This is going to sound almost cliche, for many a blogger has talked about it before.

Blogging has changed the way I observe things, and how I remember them. Previously, I would let many of the events I've witnessed/experienced slip by. If they were special enough, I might tell it to a few friends but soon, it will be forgotten. If they were really unique, I might put it down in an e-mail and mail it to my closer pals.

Now, my perspective of everyday events have really changed. Every little child that runs past me, every conversation I have, every pretty girl I meet, every place I visit, every thought in my mind, becomes a possible blogging idea. The mind automatically asks if this is "bloggable" and if the answer is yes, stores it under the "KIV" section. And when an exceptional idea hits me, I try my darnest to remember it, putting it down (just the title) before my memory fails me. It is not unusual for me to jot down an idea as I speak to my mum over the phone, for example. :P

Ideas seem to pop up everywhere around me. I have little difficulty in generating ideas, which is also why I can sometimes blog a full week in advance.

And that brings me to something I was wondering about a week ago. Should I shut down my "idea generation machine" then? I might end up with a clutchful of unpublished posts and ideas on the final day if I don't.

I made a compromise decision in the end. Ideas that have been fleshed out into posts will all get published on the final day. Ideas not written up will be deleted away. So my dear readers, if you're lucky, you might get more than that last post on the final day.

Then there are all those feelings about going home that I've put on deep freeze time and again. It's obvious that I haven't been hiding my eagerness on homecoming. What I've left unsaid though, are another set of worries (which will be left unelaborated) that I'll have to face head on when I get back.

I've recently pulled the plug on this deep freeze, letting myself stew in the odd mix of melted feelings and thinking through these issues.

Akan Datang: Starting up

3 days to go.


Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

Will you be starting a new blog when you come home?

Wed Apr 12, 03:47:00 am 2006  
Blogger Acey Deucey said...

Erm, no.

It'll be the end.

Wed Apr 12, 06:57:00 am 2006  

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