Monday, April 10, 2006

Erase that

慧 is going through another phase of naughtiness. She even gana "lud" by her pa pa again. First time in a couple of months, I believe. It also got her mee mee and pa pa into a little tiff. Mee mee couldn't bear to see her punished. Pa pa later retorted,

“妳以爲只有妳心痛啊?我打她我更心痛you know。” (Translation: You think you're the only one feeling the heartache? I feel it more because I am the one meting out the punishment you know.)

A few days later, all seems well again. Pa pa and mee mee were bringing her to nursery in the morning.

“跟pa pa說bye bye。” (Translation: Say bye bye to pa pa.)

慧 waves and says her bye bye. A few steps later, she suddenly remembers, turns back and says with a waving away action,

“Erase 掉!Erase 掉!” (Translation: Erase that! Erase that!)

Tsk tsk tsk...

4 days to go.


Blogger Little Miss Drinkalot said...

I totally believe in caning naughty children. "Spare the rod, spoil the child."

Mon Apr 10, 09:48:00 pm 2006  
Blogger Acey Deucey said...

I've been instructed to harden my heart when I go home. It's something I know will be necessary if she's naughty, but also something I am not looking forward to.

Mon Apr 10, 10:13:00 pm 2006  

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