Tuesday, August 23, 2005

I am No. 1

I have reason to believe that for my impending actuarial paper in September, I will be the only person taking it here. Must be an unpopular paper... *Gulp* Well you see, I've just received my exam entry permit yesterday. My surname starts with one of last alphabets but I've still been assigned the candidate number 1. That can only mean I'll be the lone ranger this time round.

My previous record low for the number of people sitting for the same paper was 2. And it was just the previous sitting! A friend and I had signed up for the same paper. Her surname was just slightly before mine, so she got No. 1 and I No. 2. Felt weird enough taking an exam with just two other people (the other being the invigilator) in a large examination hall. This time, I will have the invigilator staring at me all the time. Duh.

On the bright side, I will be getting "my money's worth". :P

Having a "latter alphabet" surname sucks. I remember always having to wait till the end of the day for the "O" and "A" levels oral exams. Almost everyone else has already gone home, and I would still be clicking my heels in the so-called quarantine room.

But this time round, I will get to leave the exam hall right on the dot. No delays in collection of exam scripts!

220 days to go.


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