Friday, September 16, 2005


Leading the lifestyle that I do for the past 2-3 years, I frequently get the days of the month confused. Remembering which day of week is slightly easier, but sometimes, it still slips by me. Perhaps it is fortunate that I am not a girl. :P

But there are certain times in the year when I will remember exactly which day of the month and week it is. They are like anchor points in time. Two weeks before and after these anchor points, I will know my days very clearly. Move away from them, and I will go back to my mired frame of mind, when whatever day it is doesn't really matter anymore.

So what days in the year possess such "magic" or power? The days I fly home. The days I fly back to Sydney. My niece's birthday, also our National Day which makes it even easier for it to stick to my mind. The days of my actuarial exams (known one year in advance!). The days of the release of my actuarial exam results (also known one year in advance!). Strangely (for you maybe, but not for me), my own birthday does not fall into this list. I've never really celebrated it and many a birthday has passed me by without my notice.

I suppose you realise the motivation behind this post now. Yesterday was an anchor point. So I am 100% sure that today is a Friday, and it is the 16th of September. My next anchor point is 2nd December.

196 days to go.


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