Thursday, October 06, 2005

Adjusting to Sydney time

I know this sounds silly, but sleep-wise, I haven't adjusted back to Sydney time yet. Yes, I know it is just two hours difference. Yes, I know I've been back for two and a half months. It just hasn't happened. *Shrug*

So I find myself waking up at 9-something here and going to bed at around 2 which reflects my usual sleeping hours in Singapore of 12 to 7-8a.m. Today, I had to wake up "early" to go to school. "Early" as in 7:45a.m. local time. Because Jim needs to carry out some minor renovations to the apartment which start at 8. In Singapore time, that's 5:45a.m. So I'm feeling quite head-heavy now.

When I met up with last weekend, I had mentioned this inertia of mine. She was laughing her head off after hearing about it.

Oh, by the way, the timings you see on this blog are all Singapore timings. Another of my numerous ways to staying connected with Singapore. *Grin*

On the final weekend of October, we will move into daylight savings. That means a three hours difference with Singapore time, instead of two. That will persist until the final weekend of March when it reverts back to two hours difference.

I'm starting to worry about daylight savings. I don't want to sleep at 3a.m. and wake up at 10 something.

176 days to go.


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