Thursday, October 27, 2005

Darkest hours

The lady of steel, 秋 sent me a rather strangely worded e-mail two nights back.

The gist of it was Le Tissier is not well. Very. Easily the worst since treatment commencement.

It sounds more psychological this time than physiological. We've been told that the side-effects get progressively worse with each round of treatment, but it is still quite a shock for all of us when it happens. I shall omit the details here, out of respect for my two dear friends and for you, the reader.

What was so strange about the e-mail was I did not detect a single bit of fear nor panic from 秋. She was just setting down the facts in the most politically correct manner and even managed to close in a positive manner:

"but.. hopefully, things will pick up.. he's making a conscious effort to control his own emotions..

don't get too worried though.. things should be fine as long as he continues like today..

ok gota go! see your reply soon!"

Maybe she was under time pressure and just had enough time to put down the bare facts for me (but the e-mail was pretty long). Maybe it is just her inner strength keeping her emotions under control (like she has
demonstrated before). Or maybe she just didn't want me to worry and made the effort to word it carefully.

Well, if it was to not make me worry, then she has succeeded to a certain extent. I lost only a little sleep thinking about the e-mail. And thinking the same thoughts that have been repeated umpteenth times since I flew back here. I always reach the same conclusion:

The only thing I can do now is to make sure I know where my passport is kept.

155 days to go.


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